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Born in Hampshire (the old one not the new), but proudly claiming Yorkshire stock, Barry was educated at Grange Boys’ Grammar School, Bradford, and Reading University where he graduated with a bachelor degree in French language and literature. He then worked as sales manager for a brewery in Birmingham, but quickly decided that selling beer wasn’t his cup of tea, and went back to university to obtain a teaching diploma. After teaching French in a secondary school, he successfully applied to go on a year’s official teacher exchange to France where he taught English in a lycée. And he never came back!  Setting up his own English-language teaching, translation and interpreting business, the next forty five years gave Barry many opportunities to observe and experience some of those things which go to cause the only similarity between French and English to be the colours of their flags. Barry now lives a life of retired meditation with his French companion, Renée, in the Jura region of eastern France. Hobbies, interests and pastimes include golf, gardening, foreign travel, the 19th century English, French and American novel, French cooking, a glass or two of good wine … and, of course, creative writing.


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